• Evangelical
    The LC-I is a church of the Great
    ​Commission. We seek to make disciples of all nations, baptizing those who confess Jesus is Lord, and welcoming all who seek a church home within our parishes and missions according to good order in our Lutheran evangelical catholic understanding.
  • Ecumenical
    In accord with Scripture and the interpretations set out in the Lutheran Foundational Documents(The Book of Concord) the LC-I will join in ministry with faithful Christians. We will work with those church bodies with whom theological cooperation is possible.
  • ​Orthodox
    The LC-I maintains a traditional, faithful understanding of Lutheranism within the church catholic. Our worship styles, however, range from historic to contemporary.
  • ​Confessional
    The LC-I preaches, teaches, and confesses the Gospel of Jesus Christ as faithfully witnessed by the Augsburg Confession of 1530 and the Book of Concord.

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